If You Want To Look Natural, You Need To Get Your Lips Done..

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If You Want To Look Natural, You Need To Get Your Lips Done..

“Can you do anything about my lip lines? I don’t want my lips doing though.”

“My mouth turns down and looks sad. What can you do to help? I don’t want my lips doing.”

“I want an all-over rejuvenation. I don’t want my lips doing though.”

Any of these sound familiar? If this is you, keep reading..📖

Being bombarding on a daily basis with images of z-list reality stars and their ever-growing lips, it’s no wonder people are afraid of lip fillers.

The last thing we want when walking down the street is for someone to see our lips half a mile before they see the rest of our face.

Let me tell you a secret.. it doesn’t have to be like that. 🤫

Here’s why.

As we age, the shape of our face and our underlying anatomy begins to change. Our lips become thinner, develop lines and the area around our lips doesn’t get off too lightly either.

If you begin treating the areas that have aged and ignore the lips it will actually look more fake.

That’s right, if you want to look natural you might need to consider having your lips done.💋

If we fill the area around the lips and treat the lip lines, the lines will be gone but you have a heaviness around the lips that is a tell-tale sign of dermal filler. No thank you. 

When treating an aging face, proportions are key. And it might just be that to keep the proportions of your face in order, you need to have some filler in your lips.

When we say lip fillers, we’re not talking TOWIE 2012 type lip fillers. We’re talking natural, youthful lip fillers 💁‍♀️

Here’s an example for you. This lovely client of ours came along wanting to get rid of the lines around her lips but was not a fan of having lip fillers.

Amanda explained the anatomy of the face, how it changes when we age and in the end we decided to go ahead with a small amount of filler in the lips along with treating the lip lines to keep the proportions correct.

The end result? Beautiful, natural looking lips and one very happy client. 😍

We could write a novel about exactly the best way we do this, how it helps with the proportions of your face overall, what products and techniques we use and much more.

But the best thing to do, is to come along for a consultation with Amanda and she can chat to you about all this.

The best part? All of our consultations are free-of-charge. No strings attached. 

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