Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs offered across Manchester and surrounding areas

by Amanda Pierce Aesthetics.

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Amanda Pierce Aesthetics offers anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections (Botox), cheek fillers and lip fillers in Stockport, Manchester and surrounding areas.

Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as nose jobs) is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures.

But what a lot of people don’t know, is that there is a non-surgical alternative.

Here at Amanda Pierce Aesthetics, we offer non-surgical rhinoplasty which is a treatment using dermal fillers.

The nose is injected with tiny amounts of a dermal filler made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring product in the body.

The results are instant with little or no downtime. This procedure is ideal for a hump in the nose by using tiny amounts of product just above or below the hump. This disguises the hump creating a smooth straight line. This can sometimes give the appearance of a smaller, more streamlined nose.

Results last anything up to 12-18 months and longer with repeated treatments of at least 2 years.

You will be invited in for a consultation with Amanda so that she can discuss your concerns with you and explain the procedure.

If you are suitable for non-surgical rhinoplasty then Amanda will take a full medical history to ensure that it is safe to go ahead with treatment.

You will be given lots of opportunities to ask any questions. Sometimes it is possible to have the treatment at the same time providing you and Amanda are both happy. You may prefer to go away and have a think about it first.

The procedure itself is quick with minimal discomfort. Amanda will thoroughly cleanse the area, photograph you (these are confidential) and after marking the area out carefully, tiny injections are used. Amanda will use ice to keep you comfortable and minimise the risk of bruising.

Prices determined following full consultation. BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION NOW


Non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose reshaping can last 12-18 months and sometimes longer with repeated treatments.

After your initial treatment, a small top up may be needed at around 4 weeks post treatment which is provided free-of-charge.

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All prices are subject to a full consultation and no treatment will go ahead without a price being agreed with you first.

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