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Lip Enhancements offered across Manchester and surrounding areas

by Amanda Pierce Aesthetics

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Amanda Pierce Aesthetics offers anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections (Botox), cheek fillers and lip fillers in Stockport, Manchester and surrounding areas.

Lip Enhancements at a glance

  • Appointment time- 60 minutes
  • Numbing cream and ice used to minimize discomfort
  • Immediate results
  • Results last up to 15 months
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Lip Enhancements will give you instant, plump, luscious lips.

This is an extremely effective medical procedure in re-defining the contours of the lips and providing fullness and volume. As we age our lips lose their plumpness and start to appear thinner. Just having your lips augmented slightly can make you appear years younger without it being obvious that you have had anything done.

The Dermal Fillers used for Lip plumping are exactly the same as the Dermal Fillers used to correct lines and wrinkles. They are homogenous, non-permanent, gels that feel soft and natural in the lips and are safe to use. Results are very natural and we pride ourselves on giving you the lips you want, ensuring results are extremely subtle so that only you will know. More dramatic results can be achieved if desired, but most people want something that looks very natural.

Amanda Pierce specialises in lip enhancements and is known as a Manchester lip filler expert.  Amanda will take the time to understand exactly what result you want to achieve and will then advise you on the best filler for you and your lips. You may want a very full lip with a defined border, or you may prefer something much more subtle. 

A full medical history is taken during the consultation and the treatment explained fully. The consultation will be carried out at our own aesthetic clinic in Stockport, close to the Manchester area. Tiny amounts of the lip filler is injected precisely into the lips. A very fine needle is used or for a more natural look a cannula which is a blunt fine tipped tube. This approach gives us the option of a very subtle look or something fuller depending on you and what you want and Amanda will discuss this with you first and advise the most suitable procedure for you.

Lips are fuller, plumper, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. Your mouth will appear fuller and enhance your lips reducing lipstick bleed providing you with better definition.

Results are instant and usually last 6 – 9 months and up to 15 months in some cases.

All procedures are carried out by Amanda and if any aftercare is required you will see Amanda each time.

Interest free credit available. Phone 0161 974 3059 for details.

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All prices are subject to a full consultation and no treatment will go ahead without a price being agreed with you first.

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