The importance of skincare

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The importance of skincare

Let’s talk about skincare. Some of us love it, some of us find it a chore but we all need it.

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, skincare can sometimes be overlooked. Whilst it might be tempting to spend all of your hard-earned cash on injectable treatments, if you want the very best results you’ll need to spend some of that on skincare too.

It goes without saying that most people have aesthetic treatments in order to look better for their age and look more youthful. Younger skin tends to have less fine lines and wrinkles than mature skin which is where the injectable treatments come in.

However, younger skin is also brighter, smoother and more glowy. So if you really want to make yourself look more youthful, then you need to make sure your skin is looking youthful too.

Injectable treatments can provide brilliant results, but there is only so much they can do. A good skincare regime is the cherry on top of a youthful, glowing cake. It will enhance your results from the treatment and take your results from being very good to being fabulous. 

Let’s use a nice piece of buttery toast as an example (because who doesn’t love buttery toast?!) 

You have a set budget for how much you can spend. You can either spend all of the money on pieces of bread, or you can save some of the money for a tub of butter. Your toast would be ok without butter (although a little dull and dry) but as soon as you put the butter on it’s a game changer.

So do you choose less pieces of toast but ones that taste amazing or more pieces of toast that are all just okay? We know which we’d choose!

Here at Amanda Pierce Aesthetics, we spent a lot of time cherry-picking all of our skincare products to ensure that we have the best for our clients. Some clients will overhaul their whole skincare regime with recommended products meanwhile other clients prefer to just introduce one new product at a time.

However you choose to do it, that’s cool with us. We’ll go through with you which products will suit you best, when and how to use them and what results to expect.

We want all of our clients to look and feel as amazing as we know they are. 

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