Privacy Policy

Welcome to Amanda Pierce Aesthetics!

We are committed to ensuring all of our clients know how we use their data and are transparent about how we do so.

This policy will explain how Amanda Pierce Aesthetics use your data whether it’s booking an appointment online, submitting an online enquiry form or coming in clinic for an appointment.

Our promises to you

Amanda Pierce Aesthetics promise to protect your privacy. We only use your data to make things easier and more simple for you.

Any personal data you provide is only used by Amanda Pierce Aesthetics Limited, and will always only be used by us. We do not share any information with third party companies and we will never sell your personal details to external companies.

How your data will be used

When you book an appointment online or submit an online enquiry, you will need to provide us with some personal details (phone number, email address) in order for us to respond to your enquiry or confirm your booking with us. Your details at this point will only be used to contact you in regards to your enquiry or to send an automated appointment reminder. When you enter your details online, the data comes directly to us and is not shared with anybody else. We do not add you to any marketing lists from this and will only use this data to get in touch with you.

When you come into clinic, we will ask you to sign a consent form for you to agree to how we use your personal data before your appointment. As we are in the medical field, we are required by law to create and store medical records for all our clients for 8 years. This is to ensure we can advise you on the correct treatments and make an informed decision regarding your treatment, based on the details you have given us. This is extremely important when it comes to the safety of the treatment being carried out. It is also vital that you provide us with correct information within these medical notes. This information is also fundamental should you ever have a complication with a treatment, as we will have your personal details at hand to enable us to resolve the issue. No treatment can go ahead without this consent as it is required by law.

As part of your medical notes, it is essential that we take photographs of before and after the treatment and keep them stored at our clinic. This is not only for our benefit, but so that you are able to see the results of your treatment and compare to the before photographs. These photographs are not seen by anybody except yourself and Amanda Pierce Aesthetics Limited unless you have consented for us to use them on a separate consent form. They are stored on a secure system and do not leave the treatment room.

When you come into the clinic you will be asked if you could sign our privacy consent form, this includes your email address being used for the occasional marketing email (please note- this is only done IN CLINIC and the details you provided prior to coming into the clinic will not be used for marketing). We will not inundate you with marketing emails and will only send it to you if we think it is of interest to you. You do not have to consent to this and this is all detailed within the consent for you are asked to sign when you visit the clinic.

If you do agree to this and change your mind, you can get in touch with us at any time and your data for marketing communications will be removed.

If after 8 years, you want us to destroy your medical records with ourselves then please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

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