How to reinvent your skin

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How to reinvent your skin

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours trawling through endless pages on Google trying to find the secret to perfect looking skin. Everybody wants their skin to look glowing, smooth and youthful- and we have found the perfect treatment for you.

Say hello to the EDs (Electronic Dermastamp). This is not a new treatment by any stretch, but it is a very highly regarded treatment due to it’s fabulous results. There’s not much this nifty little machine can’t do. It helps dramatically reduce acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, fine lines and tightens skin.

So how does this miracle machine work?!

It works by using a method known as controlled wounding (it sounds scarier than it is!). Controlled wounding is a proven method that essentially damages the skin which in turn, stimulates new collagen and encourages the skin to grow back smoother, plumper and clearer. The new skin has tighter pores, lighter pigment and less fine lines.

If you have never had this treatment before, you will ideally need a course of around 3-5 for the best results. These can be anything from 2-6 weeks apart. For stretch-marks, you will probably need at least 5. However, the results speak for themselves.

What’s the catch?

Downtime. As with any treatment similar to this, results as good as this don’t come without a little work on your part. After you have had the treatment done, you will have redness, possibly some pin-prick bleeding, tightness/dryness and your face will feel rather hot. This won’t last too long, normally the redness has subsided by 48 hours but you probably won’t want to organise your girls night out for the same evening. You will also find that the more treatments you have, the quicker your skin will respond and the less downtime you will have.

Don’t forget your SPF!

After your treatment, your skin has really been put through it’s paces (although it will definitely thank us in the long-run!) so be kind. You’ll want to make sure you keep it well hydrated as it will probably be quite tight and dry as it heals. And most importantly, protect it from the sun! We could bang on about how you should be wearing SPF all the time (which you really should) but, you really need to be wearing it whilst you have this treatment. Your skin will be healing and will need a helping hand to keep itself protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Luckily for you, we have some fabulous SPF’s in clinic which you can buy to take home with you. They all contain an SPF of 50 but aren’t pasty and white like traditional SPFs. They also double-up as your moisturiser too- winner winner, SPF dinner. 

Will it hurt?

If we were to start needling your skin straight off the bat- then it would hurt. However, we’re not that mean. We first apply a topical numbing cream and leave it on for 45 mins to an hour to ensure your face is numbed up nicely. Whilst you’re waiting, we’ll make you a nice hot cuppa and bring you a magazine to read. When you’re ready for the treatment, we’ll cleanse off the numbing cream and get to work. Some areas of the face can be a little more sensitive but overall, you shouldn’t find it painful.

Still not convinced? Have a look at these photos and see if that sways your opinion.

Don’t just take my word for it, our lovely receptionist Emily suffered with acne-scarring for years which left her with not only visible scars but uneven texture and she swears by this treatment.

“As someone who lost confidence in her skin due to acne scarring I can honestly say that this has been the most effective treatment for my scarring and I highly recommend it.”



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