What Happened To Simon Cowell’s Face?!

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What Happened To Simon Cowell’s Face?!

It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting darker, the weather is getting colder and the X-Factor theme tune floods living rooms around the nation.

If you were one of the 5.7million people who switched on to watch the infamous talent show on Saturday night then there’s a high chance you were also one of the thousands of people who gasped at the sight of Simon Cowell…

It’s been no secret that Simon Cowell has had the odd dot of dermal filler here and there over the years. But from what we saw on Saturday night’s X Factor, it seems he may have gotten a little ‘filler-happy’ in recent months.

Have a look for yourself…

So, what has changed?

It doesn’t take a genius (or a Harley Street Dr) to see that whoever has treated Simon has been a bit heavy-handed on the fillers front. Simon has taken on, what is known in the aesthetics industry as, a classic ‘pillow-face’ appearance.

This occurs when too much filler is used around the face and the whole thing begins to look puffy and unnatural. The increased volume created by the fillers also makes the eyes appear smaller.

Overall, not a great look.


And unfortunately, it’s celebrities like our beloved Mr Cowell that give aesthetics a bad rep. People look at these celebrities and think that everyone who has even half a ml of filler will take on this look. And that’s simply not the case. 

I can guarantee you, that the celebrities you think look awful because they’ve gone overboard are less than 5% of the celebrities who have actually had work done. The difference is that when aesthetic treatments are done well, you don’t bat an eyelid because you can’t tell.

And here’s a good example for you (who also happens to be incredibly easy on the eye)

The original Silver Fox. Mr George Clooney.

As you can see in the before photo, our hunk has a few more lines around his eyes and overall looks a little older.

In the after photo, he still has a few lines around his eyes (which keeps everything looking natural) but his face looks smoother and more youthful. No pillows in sight!

George Clooney is the perfect example of how aesthetic treatments should be done.

And that’s the kind of treatments we provide.

At Amanda Pierce Aesthetics, we want you to look amazing for your age- not 20 years younger.

A puffy appearance doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s usually people who have had treatments before and they begin to focus on wanting every line filled, rather than taking into account the overall appearance of the face and the right proportions.

If you feel like you may be heading down the pillow path, then come along and see us. We deal with a lot of correctional work and Amanda can help take you back to looking like yourself again.

Or, if Simon Cowell has scared you off aesthetic treatments in the past and you now want to see what we can do for you- get in touch.

Don’t be like Simon. Be like George.


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