Ease yourself into Skin Needling

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Ease yourself into Skin Needling

A couple of posts back, we spoke about skin needling using our Electronic Dermastamp (EDs) and the huge benefits of it. It is one of those treatments however, that requires some downtime.

Downtime can be the make or break for a lot of people. As humans, we’re pretty impatient. We want results quickly, immediately and without any after-effects. So although EDs is a fantastic treatment, the downtime can put clients off.

How do we combat that?

Well, if you want the results that an EDs will give you- the downtime is inevitable. However, we do have a brand new treatment in-clinic that is the stepping stone to an EDs treatment. Think of it as the EDs’ little sister. 

We still use the EDs machine and the same needles but we set the needle depth at a much shorter length. This means it’s not as invasive as a full blown EDs so there is minimal to no downtime. It also means we don’t need to use a numbing cream beforehand as the treatment isn’t uncomfortable due to the needle depth.

Now, it would be wonderful if you could achieve the same results as an EDs with this- but unfortunately our fairy godmother is unavailable at the moment. 

Obviously with a shorter needle length, you wouldn’t expect the same results. However, it is the perfect treatment if you’re looking for a skin boost just before a special occasion and even more perfect for those who are a little apprehensive to committing to a full EDs treatment and want to test the water first.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about EDs for a while- come along and have the mini EDs. The appointment time is also much shorter as we don’t need to factor in numbing cream.

Got a Christmas event coming up?

This is the perfect treatment to give your skin a boost beforehand and have your skin glowing for your special do.

Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment! 

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