10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Come To Us

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Come To Us

We started writing a whole post about why you should choose Amanda Pierce Aesthetics for your treatments (nothing like tooting your own trumpet, am I right?!😅).

But, the trumpet is staying put for this post because what we actually want to discuss is why you shouldn’t choose us for your treatments. Yep!

Here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t come to us.

Here goes..


  1. If you’re not too bothered about getting a ‘botched’ result
  2. If you don’t mind not having any aftercare
  3. If experience and qualifications just ain’t your thang 
  4. If you’d rather pay interest on your finance and be dealt with by a third party company (credit checks are so fun!)
  5. If you’re totally cool with being left high and dry if you get a complication (who can be bothered to go back to be looked after anyway?!)
  6. If saving a few quid is more important than saving your face
  7. If you’d rather find out the hidden costs of treatments and top-ups after your treatment (the unknown is so exciting!)
  8. If you enjoy the thrill of not knowing what is being injected into your face 
  9. If you’d rather be in and out within 5 minutes with no questions asked and no medical history taken (we have places to be ok!)
  10. If you find the thought of being published in The Sun with the latest botched filler job exciting

And there we have it.

If these reasons apply to you, then we’re not the ones you want to come and see.

You’d be much better suited to visiting Gemma down the road who can do it for you in a dodgy back room with a filler she purchased on eBay (burnnnnn 😱🔥)


If that list doesn’t sound like you- we might just be the perfect fit!

Why not book a consultation? It’s free. 

P.s please don’t go to Gemma down the road. 


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